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The famous city of ruins Hampi is known for its scattered royal residences, towers, roads, statues and some breath taking temples. Most of these structures are made of granite rock stones which was found in huge quantity in Vijaynagar Empire in eastern Karanataka at that time.

But while watching these giant monuments, as a traveler it often comes to our mind about, how challenging the process of rock cutting must have been for the artists of those days.

The creative minds of those era, had discovered an interesting technique to cut these huge granite rocks to carve out these masterpieces. Whenever a rock had to be cut, a straight line of holes were made on the top of the rock. Then the wooden pieces were fixed inside those holes and water was poured on it so that the wooden pieces could completely soak the water.  Now the wet wooden pieces would expand, creating pressure inside the stone to split and then further break in parts in a sequential style. It is the same technique which we often face in monsoon time when the wooden doors our houses also expands and we find it difficult to use them.

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One such piece of architecture, is the SAREGAMA pillars at Shree Vijaya Vittala Temple,in Hampi. The structure has 56 melodic columns or musical pillars.  Though these pillars are made out of stone but if they are tapped softly, they create melodic sounds. These musical pillars are nothing less than a magic of architectural genius.

Today these majestic architectural pieces welcome you to narrate the creative journey of the unknown artists whose delicate craftsmanship, and skillfulness will mesmerize us forever. 

The Shree Vijaya Vittala Temple is open from Monday to Sunday from 8:30 am in the morning till evening 5:30 pm. The temple has a nominal entry fee of :

• 30 per person for Indian
• 30 per person for SAARC & BIMSTEC
• Free for Children (Below 15 Years)
• 500 per person Foreigners
• 25 for Video Camera

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